I’ve been fascinated by boxing since I was a little girl, yet, parents being parents said I should find something a little less aggressive and a bit more feminine. Which is why I ended up liking fast cars and hiking mountains, among other things. But that’s a story for another day.

Do what you feel in your heart to be right – for you’ll be criticized anyway. – Eleanor Roosevelt

A couple of years ago I finally gave into the curiosity and since then I’ve been going against my very reliable, sturdy and harmless friend, the punching bag. I’ve always thought it was going to be great for anger management, and it truly is, just not in the way I expected.

Putting on gloves and punching the crap out of something is great in theory, except it’s a bit more complicated in practice. There is a certain type of energy you have to bring when deciding to go fists first at an innate object: you have to focus. You have to focus on your posture, on the spot you want to hit, on your breathing, on the strength you put behind the punch.

Raw energy or anger becomes calculated fuel.

This is a great metaphor for how we deal with anger and disappointment in our lives. It’s all about the mindset you have. Every time something bad happened I used to complain and get upset, staying in a bad mood for hours. I was responding to my environment and instead of using my anger as fuel for something good, I just lit a match and let the fire burn me me out.

I still react this way sometimes, but mostly I tend to tackle things differently and having this perspective has helped a lot. Channeling my bad mojo constructively takes practice, patience and a bad hit or two, pardon the pun.

There is always the risk of going against the bag with too much anger that you can’t control. This happened to me a few weeks ago, when I started punching with a bit too much force and little restraint. I was gifted with a sore wrist and more annoyance. Sometimes trying to work on your issues while you’re too angry may do more damage than good, so take a moment to calm down before acting.

This isn’t me running an ad for boxing lessons, yet in case you feel you need an outlet and a different perspective, hitting the shit out of a punching bag, safely, is highly encouraged. 

Have a eudemonic week!

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