Amelia Mary Earhart was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. She was a pioneer in her field and was one of the first women to attempt flying across the globe.

Amelia Rose Earhart, no relation whatsoever, had been told since she was a little girl that she was a descendent of the famous pilot, even though that was not true. However, this shaped her childhood and adult life, and she made it her goal to make her namesake proud. In 2014 she finished the first flight around the globe in a single engine aircraft.

Why does this matter?

Do what’s right for you, no one else is walking in your shoes.Unknown

Amelia Rose Earhart thinks she was lucky. She found inspiration in sharing the late Amelia’s name and found her passion in flying. In an interview she talked about the peer and friends’ pressure of her name, when as a child everyone was asking her when she would fly across the world. It was a lot for a youngster, but she realized that the “flying” path was indeed right for her.

In the same interview, she also points out how lucky other people have it. You are your own person, you have a clean slate. You can dream of becoming anything: an astronaut, a chef, president. You can make your own path without the pressure of living up to someone’s legacy. You have the opportunity to be unique, to build your life with no extra baggage.

You were born a blank canvas. So if you haven’t already, pick a brush and start painting. Create your own masterpiece.

Have a eudemonic week!


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