Here we are, mid October, 75 days left in 2017 and I find myself thinking about my 2018 goals and resolutions. Problem is, I haven’t achieved all my 2017 ones yet.

Yes, planning ahead will get you far in life, but we tend to do more planning than taking action. I want to focus on what I’ll do next year, because that’s a fresh period which does not hold all the current responsibilities I have and which is filled with empty, blissful, fun time.

Tomorrow (noun): a mystical land where 99% of all human productivity, motivation and achievement is stored. – Unknown

We don’t live in the present enough and this is especially true of personal goals. Yes, goals are for the future, but the steps towards achieving them need to happen now. It’s easy to set up goals for next year and just forget everything going on right now. Why?

Because we like to think in the future. I’ll do this, that. I’ll start eating healthy on Monday, start going to the gym beginning of the month, start studying at 4PM, etc. We associate new beginnings with a new time period (new week, hour, year), and we’re all excited until new time isn’t new anymore, and our desire to do what we’ve put our minds to gets bumped forward to another new time period.

I somehow expect my future self to do all these great things that my current self doesn’t seem to be able or want to do. Doesn’t have the time or motivation to do. I will probably not be that different of a person in a day or week from now, so why keep pushing off what I can start today?

You know what? Right after I publish this post, I’m gonna go drink a glass of water. I keep saying I’ll start changing my eating habits, but I just keep putting it off. So I’ll start by drinking more water every day, and I’ll start that with a glass right now.

Simple. Small. Effective.

Because even baby steps will take you where you want to go if you just put one foot in front of the other.


Have a eudemonic week!


Photo credit to Joanna Kosinska

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